Intelligent Automation Radio -I’m live and talking all things RPA and IA

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Intelligent Automation Radio -I'm live and talking all things RPA and IA

Intelligent Automation Radio -I’m live and talking all things RPA and IA

For a long time I have wanted to podcast on iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify. So when the opportunity to be interviewed by Guy Nadivi for Intelligent Automation Radio came along this was too exciting to turn down.

Listen in to my podcast episode for Intelligent Automation Radio, This is now live and can be heard on any of the podcast hosting platforms including iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify.

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Some quotes from the interview: 

  • …we have to remember that jobs have always changed or roles have always changed. The clickety-click, in other words, the repetitive mundane, dull tasks have always been there. They’re essential, but dull and boring and low value. The thinkety-think tasks, the bit where organizations are willing to pay money for. The creative, intuitive, and empathetic. They’re going to be very hard to replace with robots anyway. And this is the bit where we need to make sure that organizations are explaining, number one, the people at the center of all of their business, that they’re not just going to kill jobs and robots aren’t going to be able to do that anyway.
  • … firms have to be careful with new shiny AI tools. AI is now the buzzword that gets executives excited. Not all of AI tool work and not all of them work for the organizations with their existing tech either.
  •  Ultimately organizations are a collection of processes and all of us sort of wonder why we talk about automation COEs or IT COEs or whatever else. I wonder why we don’t have process COEs and then wrap everything else around it. But simply automating or identifying the as is process is the equivalent for many organizations. They’re then going to automate it, using AI. It’s like putting a Ferrari engine inside a very small car engine. It just makes no sense.
  • Automation is a massive team sport. It’s taken time to realize that from failing projects, that drifted off into the sunset and got nowhere.
  • If you expect something to happen without direction, without sponsorship, without ownership, without paying the right money and the right number of people to do a job, it just isn’t going to happen.
  • …automation can deliver huge savings, huge incomes and huge headaches. You just hope that you have more savings and income than you do the headaches over time.

Let me know what you think.

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